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Top 5 Healthy Restaurants in Laguna Beach

top 5 healthy restaurants in laguna beach

By: Sammy Harris

Laguna Beach is the best when it comes to exciting, healthy food options. There are countless restaurants that are perfect for the times when you want healthy but equally delicious food. The healthy options of the area compliment the outdoors lifestyle of year round beach living. 

1. Active Culture

I put this one as #1 for good reason. Active Culture is home to the “Wholesome Bowl” and many, many other amazing filling grain bowls, salads, and smoothies. Some are packed with fruits, others with veggies, but all of them are incredible. This place is perfect for a filling, nutritious lunch or even a natural sweet-treat with froyo post-healthy-meal. It also sits on PCH in a quaint building perfectly situated for some captivating people watching and outdoor seating. 

2. Banzai Bowl

A tried and true. Banzai Bowls is the queen of the acai bowl. They have a bunch of different blends, toppings, funky names, the list goes on. Just like Active Culture, Banzai is on PCH, in the heart of the village surrounded by lots of other local shops and restaurants. It is also quite close to Oak street beach, a popular beginner surf beach, grab a bowl and watch the waves. 

3. The Stand Natural Foods

I know what I said about Banzai and it being the queen of acai, but it has a close runner-up. The Stand has its own plethora of acai bowls, along with options like sandwiches, burritos, salads, and more. Along with most of the places on this list, The Stand is Vegan friendly, and has something for everyone. 

4. Zinc Cafe

Zinc has a broad menu sure to please even the most traditional and elevated eater. From lox bagels and specialty drinks, to classic egg and toast this place has it all, and does it with style. It is order at the counter and take your number to the table style of dining, perfect for an easy brunch. This Cafe is a little inland in downtown Laguna, and it is the place to go no matter what you're wearing, or the time of day. It is close to the farmers market hosted on Saturday mornings making it the perfect pre or post fuel up.  

5. Jan’s Health Bar

We owe North Laguna a thank you for this place. Jan’s Health Bar really has it all. Here, you’ll find the bowls, wraps, salads, vegan options, and even the fresh juices. Jans has a core nutrition focused menu to having you leaving fueled and ready to take on your day no matter what you choose. And of course you are able to take advantage of the year round nice weather while sipping on a smoothies at their outdoor seating right next to PCH.

With so many great restaurants to choose from, you cant go wrong, or run out of new places to try, no matter what your diet. Which one would you go to first? 

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