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The Athleisure Rundown

the athleisure rundown

By: Shivani Shete

I’ve gotten more into wearing athleisure ever since the pandemic hit. Like everyone, I spent my time at home in comfy clothes and only left the house for errands. The thing that mattered most was how comfortable I felt. I would online shop for leggings and two-piece sets which I knew would be put to great use and last a lifetime, during and after the lockdown. Ever since my athleisure pieces have been my most worn items in my closet.

Athleisure is a an activewear based hybrid clothing that can be casually worn in multiple settings; athletics, work, errands, and everyday casual wear. This activewear hybrid has become so popular over the past few years simply because it’s affordable, flattering, comfortable and versatile.           

Here are a few athleisure tips I’ve gathered over the past year:

 Tip #1: Hold On to That Confidence

If there is one thing I’ve realized when styling and wearing outfits, it’s that confidence really makes you glow. With activewear, I love pieces that show off and flatter my natural body shape. I feel my best wearing styles that show off small waist, so recognizing styles that do this is a must for me and is something I look for when I shop. Identify what about your favorite items in your closet make them your most worn pieces and incorporate these aspects when shopping to maximize your confidence.   

Tip #2: Layers!

You can truly make the most out of layering with athleisure. Pairing activewear pieces back to your everyday closet staples makes the activewear versatile and extends its usage life. Some of our favorites are pairing back to a cardigan or denim shorts.

Tip #3: Take Care of Your Activewear

Wearing your activewear out also means keeping it clean. You should always wash your pieces gently and regularly and look out for any loose threads, tears, or stains. Being aware of your athleisure’s condition will help you avoid any fashion mishaps in the future!

Tip #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Try Out New Colors

When I first started purchasing athleisure, I would go for the basic blacks and greys because they were safe bets and I knew I would get my money’s worth. Yes, this definitely is true, but I was so glad once I branched into the brighter, fun-colored pieces. My confidence rises and it genuinely makes me feel happier when I put it on! I feel more myself, it flatters my skin tone better, and I don’t fad into the crowd of black basics at the gym.

With activewear, you’re not just confined to the gym. Wear your pieces to coffee dates, errands, festivals, vacations, and everything in between. It doesn’t matter if you’re out and about or just chilling at home; athleisure will accompany you wherever you go.

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