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Balancing Exercise, Social Life, and Responsibilities

balancing exercise, social life, and responsibilities

By: Sammy Harris 

We all know the feeling too well… in just under 15 waking hours, there’s emails to be answered, meetings to be had, workouts to be executed, and a dinner with friends to attend. Although this sounds ideal and balanced, it is so common that one or two of these things is quickly compromised to accommodate the other. Of course, it tends to be the ones that we enjoy the most to be the ones pushed to the side. In a time where work is commonly held at the top of the priority list, it is important to take a step back and find a balance.

Although there are different circumstances that make these tips easier said than done, I encourage a quick dive into these tips to maintaining a productive, enjoyable, and healthy balance.

1. Set time away from work for YOURSELF

There seems to be a thousand reasons to put off alone time, but this time is often more important. Take a second to go to the beach, try a new workout class, experiment in the kitchen (you get the point). You’ll be surprised how much this time will impact your ability to focus at work and improve your general well-being.

 2. Make exercise a social thing!

With a bunch of different workout classes popping up, it is the perfect opportunity to make a workout into a hangout. Find a buddy to accompany you to your first spin/yoga/HIIT/whatever you're into class and make it a fun activity to share while experimenting in the gym.

3. Try out a full day completely free from work

With so much work now being done on a computer or phone, even in the comfort of your own home, it can be hard to completely shut off work mode. Try picking a day out of each week to completely put work emails and calls to the side and focus on your personal life. Your job is not your only personality trait; make sure to leave time for your other hobbies and meet people with your same interests.

4. Learn to incorporate them all into the same day!

It might not be so realistic to dedicate a full day to each aspect of your life, so why not have a little of each, every day! Although your lunch break may not allow time for a full sit-down friend lunch and a cardio session, a quick walk around the building or a phone call with a friend is just as valuable. It is the small habits like these that help to combine the hustle of work with the joy of wellness and activity. 

In the end, it is so important to remember that a balance doesn't necessarily mean building a wall between your social life, work, and exercise. Taking a step back and understanding that each one of these things is equally as important and will directly impact one another is so valuable; your priorities might change with each and every week… flexibility is key! 

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