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12 Places to Wear Your Activewear

12 places to wear your activewear
By: Shivani Shete


Planning the perfect outfit can be stressful. A countless number of thoughts might flood your mind. Is this too dressy? Will I be comfortable enough? What should I pair this top with? Just the right balance of coziness and style is key. Your lifehack is here and it’s the brand Playground Active.

 This women owned small business sells sustainable and stylish activewear. Swimming in a sea of pastel colors, these products make for an Instagram worthy moment. Ranging from one-shoulder tops to matching sets and everything in between, it’s effortless to come up with different on trend outfits to wear on the day to day. With that being said, here are 12 places to wear your Playground Active pieces OTHER than the gym.

1. Beach Day

Picture this. Your feet sinking in the warm sand and the sunshine hitting your face, all while wearing the Sunday Active Dress. Comfort is everything when spending a day on the beach and you might as well look cute while you’re at it. This dress provides the best coverage, has the softest fabric, and is easy to slip right on. With the colored stripes screaming summer, this dress is a necessity. Now go take those beach pics! 

2. To The Airport… Au Revoir!

Don’t even get me started on traveling. Going through security, having your flight delayed, crying babies on the airplane… a trip to the airport can often be your worst nightmare. One thing that may make your experience a bit less stressful is what you wear. Showing up to the airport in a Parker & Laguna Set is the best way to go. Add on a knitted sweater and you are ready to take on anything and everything. This way, you’ll feel better (and oh so stylish) while boarding.

3. A Friendly Trip to The Courts 

A little competition never hurts anyone. Challenge someone to a game of tennis, go to the basketball courts, or grab a soccer ball and dribble away. Mix and match different Playground pieces like the Sunset Legging paired with the Cali One-Shoulder to feel your best while playing. Let me know who wins!


4. While Going Shopping

You want to make it easy for yourself to switch in and out of outfits in fitting rooms. Wearing Playground’s activewear will make your time shopping more enjoyable than ever. Feeling comfortable while fulfilling your mission of finding the trendiest clothes on each rack is a priority. You’ll even have other shoppers eyeing your athleisure.

5. Afternoon Brunch

Brunch is always a good idea. Go out and eat something yummy, and of course dress to feel your best! Keeping your outfit casual yet chic can be done with the Parker Top and denim jeans. As simple as that. Complementing this fit with some jewelry and a handbag will complete this beautiful look.

6. A Nice Picnic

Find a picnic spot, carry your polaroid, and bring some snacks on a breezy day outside. You’ll feel great sitting and moving around Playground Active’s tops and leggings as you’re setting up. The delightful weather along with your fashionable outfit will make you feel over the moon.

 7. Running Errands

Whether it’s picking up a package from the post office or walking through the aisles stocking up on groceries, you deserve to look and feel confident. Put on the Addison Top with a pair of jeans or leggings while you’re out being productive. The pep in your step will allow you to achieve anything you put your mind to… especially the things on your checklist.

8. Hiking with Friends

Exploring parks and trails is always a fun adventure, and of course a great workout! Experimenting with Playground combinations will make you feel sleek and motivated to keep that cardio up. You’ll be on top of the world, while literally trekking to the top of the world.

 9. Photoshoot Moment!

Feeling bored at home? Ask your friends if they would be down for a summertime photoshoot near the coast or in the city! Wearing the Addison, Parker, or Cali One-Shoulder tops with cargo pants or lace up skirts will serve for an amazing streetwear look. You’ll even get some cute Instagram pictures out of it.

 10. Movie Night

Grab a few blankets, make some popcorn, and have a movie marathon with the people you love. Put on an oversized sweatshirt paired with the Indie Bike Shorts and just relax. The flexible fabric of our shorts will make you feel snug while watching your all-time favorite flicks.

 11. Evening Dinner

Take time to get ready for a dinner date or a fun night out with your best friends. Be creative with your fit, the ideas are endless! Wear the Cali One-Shoulder and a pair of distressed jean shorts to look and feel flawless. Grab some food from a nearby cafe, bistro, or dine-in at a restaurant along the bay accompanied by your flattering fit.

 12. Watching The Sunrise or Sunset

Plan a day to wake up before the sun rises or spend the night admiring the sunset. Either way, you’ll make the happiest memories that’ll stay with you forever. Wearing Playground’s vibrant sets, tops, or leggings will immediately brighten your mood as you applaud our planet’s beauty. 

Athleisure can be worn on many different occasions. Playground Active’s simplicity makes styling your outfits the least of your worries. Whether you’re feeling fancy or want to keep it casual, have fun with it! 

 Activewear does not have to be worn only at the gym. Pairing it with other pieces will allow you to create transitional day to night looks in a matter of a few minutes, making them the most worn pieces in your closet. This list of 12 is only a glimpse of the many more places you can go while wearing Playground Active. A great outfit calls for a great day. What’s most important is that you feel comfortable and confident in a look that screams YOU.

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